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  • 20% Level 1 Referral Plan
  • Revenator Owns Real Businesses With Real Products
  • Revenue Sharing Up To 150%
  • Most Affordable Advertising Network In The Industry


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Welcome to Revenator

Revenator is an Innovative Revenue Sharing and Advertising Platform. We offer highly profitable plans for all members, with no membership fees! We have real products, real customers and real businesses. Our real businesses, one being TownsendBearings, allow us to run huge Return on Investment Campaigns safely, making sure we get a great return for our clients! Revenator has just closed deals with 3 multi-national corporations, as well as having CPA/CPC experts running campaigns daily on Social Media Platforms to provide safe returns and an in office Forex Trader. Our business model allows us to safely and sustainably give our members amazing returns with no element of risk.

Test Pack

Matures at Minimum of 125%

500 Directory Listings

500 AdCredits

$5 Per AdPack

Maximum of 1000 AdPacks

Starter Pack

Matures at Minimum of 150%

1100 Directory Listings

1100 AdCredits

$10 Per AdPack

Maximum of 1000 AdPacks

Popular Pack

Matures at Minimum of 200%

6000 Directory Listings

6000 AdCredits

$50 Per AdPack

Maximum of 1000 AdPacks

Guarantee Pack

Matures at Minimum of 150%

13000 Directory Listings

13000 AdCredits

$100 Per AdPack

Maximum of 1000 AdPacks

Benefits for Members

  • Secure, Sustainable Revenue Sharing
  • Complete Transparency From CEO and Admins
  • Autopilot Online Income
  • Start With As Little As $5
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Resources and Information To Grow Your Referral Businesses
  • Huge 20% Referral Campaign
  • Affiliations With Multi-National Corportaions So Bonuses Are Frequent
  • AdPacks Offer High Converting, Affordable, Targeted Advertising

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Cheapest Targeted Advertising Platform
  • Niche Traffic That Converts Highly
  • Login Ads
  • Business Directory Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Rotating Ads
  • 150% Revenue Share With Each AdPack Purchased
  • Free AdCredits Added on Each Purchase

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