What is Revenator?
Revenator is a revolutionary advertising platform providing a great platform for online marketers, businesses and referral teams to promote for an affordable price. We also own REAL businesses in the Agriculture industry and Online Businesses, meaning we provide a huge 150% Revenue Share to members.

What Advertising can I Purchase?
Members can purchase Banner Ad hits, Login Ads, Solo Ads, Business Directory Ads and Text Ads.

How much is an AdPack?
Our AdPacks Start at $5.

Can members have multiple accounts?
Yes, we are not very strict on this, unless we find members completely abusing this, then we will take action. Our team understands that some people seperate promotion accounts and personal accounts, this is completely fine!

What do I do if I can't get into my account?
You can reset your password via email, on the login page.

Is Revenator an investment opportunity?
No, we are not an investment opportunity as indicated in our Terms and Conditions. You are buying Advertising in our company, we offer legitimate product/referral advertising. There can be a Revenue Sharing element, but it depends on sales of our company advertising.

Is Revenator a global opportunity?
Yes, we accept members from all across the world with various payment processors.

Where can members find a referral link?
All members will see a unique referral link in their dashboard after login.

Do you have a referral scheme?
We have a tier referral system, with level 1 referrals paying out at 20% of deposit.

Do I need a sponsor to profit?
No, a sponsor is not necessary.

Can free members profit and withdraw?
Yes, free members can earn commissions and withdraw when they wish.

Which payment processors do you accept?
Currently we are accepting Payza, Payeer, BTC and SolidTrustPay.

How long do withdraws take?
We do not guarantee a set time for payments, but most are delivered within 24 hours of request.

Can members pool balances?
Yes, members can pool cash balance with repurchase balance to buy more AdPacks. You are buying advertising.

Is there an automatic repurchase?
No, that must be done manually by the member.

Are ads automatically added?
No, to ensure the safety of our members we manually check all submitted ads, most are complete within 12 hours.

What is the minimum deposit and withdraw?
We have no minimum deposit, but bare in mind the smallest AdPack costs $5. There is a $5 minimum withdraw amount.

How many AdPacks can I own?
Each AdPack has a different total amount, be sure to check our packages for more details.

My earnings per AdPack are slower or variable than previous days, why is this?
Remember profits from selling Advertisements and our businesses is shared back amoungst members, meaning maturation changes due to sales. To ensure quicker maturation, members need to keep promoting our platform, to bring in more sales.

Can I get a refund?
No, we do not allow refunds.

I have no business to promote, can I still make money here?
Yes, we share the profits of the business. For example, spending $50 on AdPacks and clicking the daily ads will help your share mature at a minimum of 150%.

How do I use my credits?
You can spend them by adding Advertisements onto our platform.

How are shared commissions distributed?
The shared commissions are shared every hour between members who have 'AdPacks' and are qualified. The company does not guarantee any return to any position if qualified. These benefits depend entirely on the income of Revenator and our other companies.

What happens if I don't view my daily ads?
You can either purchase vacation packs so you don't need to view them daily, or you will need to view them daily. If you don't, your AdPacks are not qualified for the next day.

How long does my AdPack take to mature?
We do not guarantee any commission at any time, so we are unable to provide a time frame for maturation of Adpacks.

When can I withdraw money?
You can request at any time, 24/7.

Are there tax requirements?
All members are responsible for compliance with any tax requirements in their residence.

How can I make $100 per day?
Our account managers will speak directly to you, and guide you in how to make $100 per day online, not just using our system. We want all members to grow and succeed online!