Why Choose Revenator?

Revenator is not like other Revenue Shares!

Firstly, Revenator owns or partnerships with multi-national corporations, meaning Revenator is responsible for real products, with real customers. These businesses allow Revenator to safely provide a return on investment, with a very low risk.

Secondly, Revenator has CPA/CPI experts on the payroll. These team members run Return on investment campaigns multiple times daily using social media platforms and other networks. This is a very low risk way to get returns and Revenators' team has methods in place to obtain these results.

Thirdly, Revenator does not pretend to offer outrageously high returns for members that simply do not make sense. Our team uses the Revenue generated and runs campaigns daily. We have ample time to generate amazing returns for all of our members AdPacks!

Finally, Revenator is working with our development team to completely remodel our platform. We are adding a Traffic Exchange into the system, providing all members an easy/free way to generate traffic to their websites and businesses. Secondly, we are adding a currency exchange, so our members can change all their online currencies if needed. Revenator is also looking to launch a CPA advertising platform within this year, perfect for affiliate marketers and Social Media Gurus' looking to earn online! Revenator.org will also be rolling out a downloadable platform for all members, with all of these amazing features in!

How To Earn Money on Revenator?

Firstly, purchasing AdPacks is the main way to earn on Revenator. This is where you purchase an Advertising Package from your dashboard, using the processors or your repurchase balance. This entitles you to a Revenue share. Once you have AdPacks, you just need to click 4 directory ads per day once logged in, we will do all the rest! The AdPacks mature at different percentages and different rates, contact Admin@Revenator.org for more details!

Secondly, bringing new members to Revenator as your Referrals! In your dashboard, you will see a referral link and banners! You can promote your link in Forums, social media, with friends, paid traffic, or any other method you can think of to drive traffic to your link. You will recieve lifetime referral deposit commissions of 20% paid instantly into your account. This works great with our members, some of which earn over $200 daily just from Refferal Commissions!

Finally, use AdCredits on Revenator to earn money! When you purchase an AdPack, you obtain Advertising Credits! These can be spent promoting your referral links to other revenue shares and income websites you are part of. 9 Times out of 10 we will add a few hundred extra credits onto your account, just for fun!

These are just a few ways to earn on Revenator.org! If you would like to more, contact our team!